Fall 2020
SI 588: Fundamentals of Human Behavior
Graduate Student Instuctor
Instructors: Picture of Lorraine (Laurie) Buis Picture of Libby Hemphill
University of Michigan
# Students

Surveys basic principles of cognitive and social psychology relevant to the design and use of information systems. Focuses on important findings in psychological science and their implications for the design and use of information systems. Topics include the basics of human perception, memory capacity and organization, the development of skill and expertise, and the characteristics of everyday reasoning and decision making. For example, a central problem in information science is how to label information stored for later recall. By examining how human memory operates, we can gain some insight into possible schemes that may be compatible with human users. This survey of what we know about the human mind offers ideas about how to exploit mental capacities in the design and use of information systems.

Winter 2019
SI 622: Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation
Graduate Student Instuctor
Instructors: Picture of Lija Hogan Picture of Mustafa Naseem
University of Michigan
156 Students

This course covered the key concepts of evaluation and a variety of methods used to determine the goals of a system or service. Students were asked to perform organizational analyses, assess task/technology and service fit, determine ease of learning of new or existing services or systems, determine ease of use, assess aspects of performance (including information retrieval), and evaluate the success in accomplishing the user/organizational goals. Methods included observation, survey, interviews, performance analysis, evaluation in the design/iteration cycle, usability tests, and assessment of systems in use.

Spring   2015
IST 335: Introduction to Information-Based Organizations
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Instructor: Picture of Megan Oakleaf
Syracuse University
38 Students

This course covered: organizational behavior; groups and teams; leadership and management; human resources; organizational development; change management; interactions between people and technology in work organizations; and the impact of information technology on organizational effectiveness.

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